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About the guest – Aunty Donna Wife. Mother. Entrepreneur. Realtor. Author. Advocate. These are only a few titles held by Donna Moore-Stewart. Donna was born and raised on the island of Jamaica W.I. She attended Old Harbor Secondary (now High School). Donna studied and completed her education in Office Administration and Procedures, which landed her employment at a Funeral Home,  providing service,  care, and dignity for the bereaved.   She then followed her passion for beauty and fashion by obtaining her cosmetology training and licensing from Madam Leon School of Cosmetology, Kingston, Jamaica. In 1989, Donna migrated to the United States and worked in a variety of beauty salons in Brooklyn and the Bronx County. An entrepreneur at heart, in 1996 Donna purchased her own beauty salon where she used her skills to beautify her customers and facilitated the growth and experiences of others in the field of cosmetology. In 1994 Donna and some of her family members started the Pollyanna Project. The Pollyanna Project was named in honor of her late mother Miss Polly who passed away unexpectedly, six (6) months after she started the first Christmas Treat, Miss Polly was a staunch community advocate for disadvantaged children in her community. Donna serves as the Executive Director for the Project. The goal and Mission of the Pollyanna Project is to provide humanitarian relief for poor children, by way of donating educational supplies, and basic necessities, to furnish a stable educational development, so they can be lifted from subsistence to a life full of potential and promise. Over the past twenty-eight (28) years, the program has provided back-to-school supplies to thousands of disadvantaged children from various communities across the island of Jamaica, USA, the Caribbean, Ghana, and Sierra Leonie, West Africa. These supplies included but were not limited to laptops, iPads, calculators, school bags, books, pens, pencils, and much more. These gifts have been making a difference in helping to advance the academic futures of these children. In the past, the program has also provided financial support to a medical student by helping the student pay for courses in order for her to be able to continue her studies to become a medical doctor. That student will graduate as an MD in November 2023. In addition, the Pollyanna Project hosts annual events across the island of Jamaica and duplicated across the countries where the program provides food, games music, and other forms of entertainment for the children to help their spiritual and mental well-being.  The most recent program was held in August of 2022 and more than a Thousand, children from across the island of Jamaica received a variety of back-to-school supplies.   As the Executive Director for the Pollyanna Project, coupled with her passion for giving back to the community, Donna has forged alliances with several community partners to help her accomplish these goals. Mission Three Sixteen, Caribbean Girls Mission of Hope, and other local organizations.  Donna is a minister. She earned her certification from the Church of God New Testament Theological Seminary. She uses her knowledge to inspire and comfort others in the community.  Donna is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pozytyve Radio Station 106.9 FM which can be heard locally and in several countries around the world. She uses her platforms to promote a positive lifestyle and encourages adults and children to live healthy and productive lives.  She hosts her programs four (4) days per week and can be heard/seen on various platforms.  Donna is also a Songwriter and has written several inspirational songs. She is also the author of a daily devotional book which is titled “Building the Kingdom of God” Donna has appeared on Cable Television channel 12, in the USA and Television in Jamaica and the UK to advocate and promote the program to the communities.  I have enjoyed the benefits of my relationships with strong women in more ways than I can explain. I want to continue to help children reach their full potential. I would not be the woman, the wife, the mother, and the professional I am today without the love, support, and guidance of strong beautiful women. They have shared their talents and gifts with me and I have watched them bless others with their talents as well. Above and beyond the ordinary my family has supported my progress and encouraged my volunteer work. My husband Carl has been an example of what a strong, supportive, and dedicated husband can be to his wife and children. I am most proud of my strong, supportive, creative, and handsome children Jahzeel and Jahleel who work alongside me in all my volunteering endeavors. Learn More About Obehi Podcast Obehi Podcast brings you leaders and experts from different industries to share their experiences, relating to the African diaspora, business, and storytelling. Listen to Obehi Podcast across different platforms: Spotify, Apple Podcast, YouTube, and much more.

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